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Kingdom (Tiber City, #1)

Kingdom (Tiber City, #1) - Anderson O'Donnell The person who recommended this to me described it as "dense," which is a term I use for books from writers such as Umberto Eco or Gabriel Garcia Marquez, books that you cannot just pass a breezy afternoon taking in along with the afternoon sun. Books that require you to invest some time in to reap the rewards of an outstanding read. And please understand, Kingdom is not an easy read. O'Donnell rebuilds America along with his new city, Tiber City as a place that could exist, a world that could be ours given a nudge or two to the side. Once I found the world and unlocked some of the essential story elements, it was difficult for me not to think about what he was doing with his story, with his philosophy.

The writing itself is evocative and captivating without being overwrought. Another reviewer complained that it could be cut down and I disagree. For whatever reason, there is a desire on the part of some readers that books be simple, easy reads, especially in genre fiction. I love it when genre authors take risks and challenge us. I would place Mr. O'Donnell along side authors such as Dan Simmons and while Kingdom is not as quite as ambitious as Mr. Simmons' works, I can see him going down a similar path and I highly recommend this book.