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Reaper - Becca C Smith I was so excited to read this. While my tastes tend to run more literary, I am always up for a good supernatural thriller. While I'm not usually in the market for teen related faire, I am also a high school English teacher and always on the prowl for books my students can really enjoy. That's how I initially discovered the first book in this series, Riser (a must read!). And I was hooked almost immediately by the sheer creativity of Ms. Smith's world and her grasp of the teenage mind.

I was incredibly impressed by this second endeavor. Usually a second novel in a series pales in comparison to the first. Most authors have a hard time continuing to innovate with the same characters. Ms. Smith has no such problem. Her world has a wonderful depth and she has given herself a large pool to draw from when it comes to finding new adventures for Chelsan. I was actually more engrossed by this chapter of the story. The stakes were raised and it didn't feel forced or repetitive. The action was taught and I even found myself being drawn into the feud between the rivals for Chelsan's affections. There are surprises around every turn and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough. My only regret is that I now have to wait yet again for the next book. I gave the last book 5 stars. I wish I could give this one more.